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What is ‘JEONHAM’?


Is there a better way to share God’s words other than a simple shout-out “Believe in Jesus Christ”?

Two years ago, ‘JEONHAM’ had received the vision to find more efficient ways to show the value of the gospel fitted to modern day culture.

Just like how many famous brands introduce its products’ merits and values by advertising, we have thought that we can introduce God’s love in the same way. The love that is most precious in this whole world. This is how the ‘JEONHAM’ had started the ministry in advertising.

Through advertisements in daily newspapers, subways, bus stops, and more, many people in their daily lives have met God through these ads.

At first, no one gave attention to the idea in sharing the gospel in this way. Nowadays, we are finding more and more people believing in this ministry and that God is with us.

The ‘JEONHAM’ will be finding more and more ways to share God’s love throughout the world.

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