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What is

true love?

Expressing your feelings and spending time with people you care about comes from love, but praying to God for them comes from true love. For God is love, and He has shown that great love to all of us.





Picture this.

There is a prisoner who has received a death sentence. This prisoners has no acquaintance with you. How would you feel if one day you hear that, instead of this prisoner, your own child has to take his place to carry out the sentence?

The world’s greatest sacrifice.

Although this may be hard to believe, there actually was someone who gave his one and only son for this prisoner. That someone is God. It is a sacrifice that is so unimaginable and incomprehensible. 

(John 3:16)

Who is this sinner?

It is everyone including me and you. We’re not sinners because we have stolen something or caused a murder, etc., but because it is in our nature to sin. 
God gave His son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified on the cross and die to save us-us who were condemned to die-because God loves ‘you’.

(Romans 3:23) 

Do you believe this fact?

As of now we are alive and breathing because of Jesus.

If you acknowledge the fact that he had died for you, and even go further to believe it, you will be saved and gain eternal life. This is the first step of Christianity.

(John 1:12)


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